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Your Favorite Nightmare.
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huu angel and personal things

Something has come up and I need money for schooling. ;-; I was working towards a new couch and bed, but my studies is more important. I'll be taking commissions in December when there are plenty of cheap sales in order to achieve my goal.

120$ / 2000$ (Goal)

This is my baby Angel.
Her full name is Tiānshǐ Zuànshí Miao. (Angel Diamond)
She's named after my longtime original character.
She is Siamese- Himalayan and 6 months old (4-8-14).
She is my world.

Derpity Derp.

♥ I idolize ♥

♥ I Adore ♥

♥ I Admire ♥


Good Friends. ♥


Motivation Box.

Motivation ♥

This is my Motivation box. It's for me. For you. And anyone else that might need a push.
I read it everyday. And... I should start believing it.

Do NOT drag me into drama. Be it with yourself, friends, or random people on here. I want to keep to myself and NOT have anything into mine. I don't care about other people's business. They shouldn't care about mine.

I am here to create ART not DRAMA. Be myself. Have fun. Make people smile. Commission art from others. Become a children's book creator. Broaden my customer range and earn money for college. And most of all... I'm here because I want to grow, not because I want to be popular or cause trouble or have trouble find me. I want to grow... As a person and artist.

My little owlets love me, and that's all I need. Everyone, even the smallest has made an impact on me. I love them very much, and they love me too. If I had the space to put them all here, I would. But I'm afraid my page would glitch at all the owl-y love.

"I tend to not take opinions from random people off the net. Any comments like that I'd take with a grain of salt."

If people have a problem with me - so be it. I'm not here to impress them. I'm not here to start drama. Nor am I here for them to bully or dislike. If they do not like me, or my work - they don't have to watch me or complain. Get over yourself, it's not helping or hurting anyone if you spend your time brooding over me or anyone else you hate or can't stand. Don't like me? Don't talk or think about me. :/

I do not tolerate bullying, trolling, rudeness, hate, racism, slander, negativity, discrimination, religious bigots, or spam. If you are here for drama, you might as well click the button at the top of your page to redirect you back to someone who cares. You respect me, I'll respect you. You can't fight online; it's pointless, all it results in is stupid battles that can't be won, so why do them? If you hate someone, just keep it to yourself. If you love someone, then tell them. If no one believes in you, believe in yourself.

No matter what. Believe in yourself, and others will follow suit.

'I keep forgetting.
I love making people smile.
I love making them laugh.
I love doing art.
I do art because I like making people's dreams come true. I like watching them smile when their character becomes real.
I want to write and draw books for kids.
I don't want children to think that they have to be anyone but themselves.
I don't want them to feel alone.
That is my dream.
And that is my goal.'

Listen Me -
Now,you fucking read this every day you stupid idiot.
Stop forgetting why you're an artist.
Got it?
Because you've got friends that are fucking supporting you.
You work your ass off to get what you want.
You'll be rewarded. I promise.

Now - one at a time.
Finish Highschool. ☑
Sign up for College Classes. ☑
Attend First Day of College. ☑
Get through First Semester.

Remember when you're down: Listen to what made you draw what you do.

"A voice calls softly,
It calls from within
To trust my steps
And to keep on dreaming

Around night falls
And all turns to grey
But I hold a light,
To light my way

The sky is a clear blue
No matter what we do
The road is long,
But I see the light
That shines at the end,
The arms reaching in
I know that you are
Waiting for me

Though sorrows, troubles
May gather up high
Broken glass pieces
Fall from the sky

Memories though sad
Will hold something true
Shattered glass pieces
Reflect something true

A voice calls softly,
It calls from within
To trust my steps
And to keep on dreaming

Around night falls
And all turns to grey
But I hold a light
Deep in my heart
I knew you were waiting
Right from the start."

I might have been told I can't do what I'm doing right now
I might've been told that I'm not good enough or I'll never make it and I'm silly
I might've been told to kill myself or stop doing what I love because I'm not good enough
But, I want to prove them wrong and keep my promise to myself
Art isn't a talent , it is a skill
Practice doesn't make perfect , it makes better
People say to be the best -
You must try, fail, succeed, and repeat endlessly
If that's what I have to do, I will ...
Because this is my passion, I know I can do it.

I will be the best.

"Watch the stars. Keep your eyes on the universe, because there's nothing bigger than a dream." - Me


MamaOwl | F | Straight | 19 | 11/1/95 | ♏ | USA
Freelance Shoujo-Josei Artist

I draw Bishounen and Busty Babes.
I am also an aspiring book illustrator and writer.
I'm currently enrolled in Graphic Design and Advertising.
I love old animes & mangas (e.g. Utena, PSoH, Saiyuki, etc.)
My Owlsona/Persona is married to Count D.

Top 5 Things Not To Do;
- DO NOT Call me by my username.
- DO NOT Insult Owls on my page/to me/.
- DO NOT Ask me to draw you requests.
- DO NOT Post spam/chain-mail on my page. I will hide them.
- DO NOT Ask me to donate you points/money.

Find Me On:
FurAffinity - MamaOwl
FanFiction.Net - MamaOwl
Wattpad - MamaOwl

Here's something you didn't know about me. 

9 deviants said //smothers self in pizza and ranch
3 deviants said I love FNAF.
3 deviants said And I love Foxy.
No deviants said I adore Chica.


PSOH stamp by JinseiAritaKaori Yuki fan by Absolute-KingMukuro x Squalo STAMP by RebornySuperbia
Imagine Dragons Stamp by gelatineuseGaga heart stamp by OhsheisGaga.: In This Moment Stamp :. by Icesis
+Stamps+ Alucard and Vlad by chibichibimanaStamp: Alucard by AndreAla-RaeTrinity Blood  1 by princess-femi-stamps
Yugi Muto by MarlenesstampsVincent Stare Stamp by AlaenakinsGojyo - my first stamp by Sanji91
I Love fireworks by Snow-BodyI Love Glitter by Snow-BodyStamp- I throw glitter at people by sparklyAxolotl
Outer Space Stamp 5 by BrainmattersFieldOfStars Stamp by SeioraiShining Stars Stamp by yenke
+I.Love.Tea+ by Feathers-of-Lovecoffee STAMP by peterdzignPepsi Love Stamp by wangqr
Dandere by MangoHoodieKeep Hope Alive by alexnart++ Depressed and Anxious by dimruthien

Commission List

Commission List Line Up!


:bulletred: - Not Started
:bulletpurple: - Sketch/In Process Done
:bulletpink: - Lineart/In Process Done
:bulletblue: - Coloring/In Process
:bulletgreen: - DONE.

puddinprincess :bulletpink:
Pagod7 :bulletblue:
miaprimal :bulletred:
miaprimal :bulletred:
miaprimal :bulletred:
SaidyWolf :bulletblue:
JadesWolfie :bulletpurple:
S-Aurelius :bulletpink:
Mani-Hime :bulletpurple:
buggingtin :bulletpurple:
nibblesonnails :bulletred:
Ryo-Ohki-RoseFox :bulletred:
HolyGuardians :bulletred:
miko-chanfa Turkey Stuffer YCH
zanatsufa It's a Jungle Out There YCH
roukanfa Horse Play YCH
shiro-nekofa Fantasia YCH
shiro-nekofa Tenta-Pit YCH

Things I'm Waiting On!!

annria2002 - MephiCheyAmai 24$ (2400pts)
annria2002 - MamaOwlCountD 25$ (2500pts)
annria2002 - Squalo & Angel 40$ (4000pts)
Nina-Mandarina - Mukuro&Chey
Nina-Mandarina - GojyoMamaGoku
Lolisoup - Mama&DChibisFullShadeCmplxBG; 55$ (5500pts)
annria2002 - MamaOwlCountDFamilyPortrait; 25$ (2500pts)
MelodyDenaria - Mama&D - 10$ (1000pts) $

Special Customers (2+ Complete Comms.)!

These commissioners are loyal, loving, patient, and kind. They are allowed to message me at any time to make a commission order. Regardless if my commission status is closed, regardless of the waiting list, regardless of how many current commissions they're waiting on from me. They might have to wait a while, but they are sure to get more than they asked for because of their loyalty and friendly transactions. Feel free to come back at any time! ♥

- ivy7om
- Ryo-Ohki-RoseFox
- JadesWolfie
- Pagod7
- celladoth
- ShindosGirl
- Pandakat26



ValentineHearts has started a donation pool!
32 / 10,000

Hi, sweetpea! ♥
Since you might not know me or my rules!
This is my Nest (dA page).
I like to call my watchers Owlets.
I am Mama Owl.
It's hooter-rific to meet you. ♥

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