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Submitted on
November 17, 2013
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2,166 (1 today)
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There are now over 2000 :points: in prizes (art counted)! ^v ^ And some cool art from some very sweet people as well!

Contest Started - July 5th, 2013
Contest Ends - December 25th, 2014

Changing up the contest a bit!
Since I like having options - I'm opening up more options and making this into a SUPER contest!
Lots of prizes and time.
New couples have been added; both original AND OCxCanon.
Both Human, and pony!
It's all up to you!
If you think you have an idea that might not fit their personality/world, just ask me and I'll help you! ♥

I will be messaging many people, if you would not like to join - just say, "No thanks! c: " I don't mind I'm just spreading the word (by note of course - I wouldn't spam people's pages, haha).

This journal will be continuously updated as well so expect it to appear in your inbox quite a few times everyday (think of it as a reminder)!


Here are the rules!

- It MUST have both characters. You can add more, you can even draw your own characters interacting with them. 

- It MUST be colored (unless it's shaded well or a black and white painting - I love black and white things, so coloring doesn't matter entirely as long as it looks fabulous and you like it!) and looks neat!

- It MUST be your own. No BASES, TRACED WORK, OR STOLEN WORK. I WILL NOT COUNT BASES, TRACED, OR STOLEN WORK. Do not get mad, do it, and then complain about how it can't be counted. That's the whole reason I had you say the 'key words' at the bottom.

- It may be any medium; traditional, digital, mixed. I will not ask you to mail traditional pictures; only if you really would like to LOL. (Literature included - even though I'd prefer a drawing! But - it must be at least 1000 words; as they say 'a picture is worth a 1000 words'). 

- Chibis, realism, anime, as an animal, etc. are allowed As long as it follows the rest of the guidelines. 

- You can enter more than once, but keep in mind, there are other contests after this one so everyone will have many chances to place! 

- It can be mature as LONG as it's within dA's policy. 

And just one more thing.... You have to spread the word silly! Share this in a poll, in a journal, or send it to a friend! c: Maybe we'll get enough owlets to hoot and holler and get more prizes reigned in for the winners and runner ups!

Here are the lovely characters you'll be using (These are just references not actual entries); All entries MUST have a designated couple:

You must pick one of my girls, and one of the guys they're paired with (through multiple stories and fandoms); you must have both to qualify. You can NOT pick a girl and pair her with a guy that is NOT in her group. It will not be counted (For ex. Chey and Soma; that would NOT work). 

You use the character couples below to enter. No OC's of your own allowed (unless you have the couple already drawn in the picture; feel free to have your OCs interacting then).

You can draw my Sona (In human or owl form LOL) with Count D.

Mama Owl~ Hoo~ by Tahani-KunOwl by MariLuciaOwl by WhiteSirin

Count D - 

Charity & Raja (Those who entered with Soma will still count)

look in my eyes (point commission) by RaikaiRando you like my ponytail? by buggingtin

Chey & Mephisto 

Anonymous Commissh - OC Chey and Mephisto by dannex009

Eva & Alucard, Isaak von Kampfer, or Cain Knightlord ((2nd Pic as Ref. for Eva)) 

Alucard-Castlevania by KD1onlyCommission - Eva Eden and Cain by Feurae

Angel & Squalo (Or Hellsing's Alucard)

COM: ValentineHearts - Angel and Squalo - Chibi by Ritsuka-Chou

Annie (1st) & Askook (1st Person, 2nd Pic.)

Annie by ValentineHeartsCommission: Valentinehearts Guy's Group by missrukia-chan7   

Magichey & Magician

AT with valentinehearts by amberday

Rosi & Cappuccino 

Commission: Rosi 1/3 by Otterro Commission: Cappuccino 3/3 by Otterro


CONTEST ENTRY: Charity X Soma by ivy7omCONTEST ENTRY: ValentineHearts by MadBlackieLove Snake by BriTheShmoShore of Awe by ehcoyakContest entry~ by Tazzy-girlSoma And Charity [contest entry] by ICandiCuteI
Contest Entry - In field of flowers by sypishValentineHearts Contest Entry by CarlenneSomarity Contest Entry by PyraDemoniaContest Entry by VampyreNeko6669[Contest] Charity and Soma by yoonahcCE: [EvaXAlucard(Adrian)] by psychovampire11Soma and Charity: wedding in India by Carmela-DarkQueen



First Place ♥ 
Full bodied Sketch - PistachioPanda
Chibi - lummina
Headshot - kioler 
Colored Headshot - SeikoVanM
Full Body & Chibi - VienaRyougi
B&W Bust - Kureiya
Full Colored Bust - KirbySuperStar96
Full Body, Full Color - Gothie666
Traditional Request - Operia
Feature - Operia
Watercolor; Single character, no BG, headshot - Ze-RoFruits

Second Place ♥
Bust sketch - PistachioPanda
Colored Headshot - SeikoVanM
Half Body & Chibi - VienaRyougi
B&W Bust - Kureiya
Half Body, No color - Gothie666
Traditional Request - Operia
Feature - Operia
Pencil Sketch; Single character, no BG, headshot - Ze-RoFruits

Third Place ♥
Colored Headshot - SeikoVanM
Chibi - VienaRyougi
B&W Bust - Kureiya
Half Body, Lineart - Gothie666
Feature - Operia

Runner ups will get prizes as well. ^ v^

Also - if you would like the points through a commissions widget, so you may withdraw them as real money, I will be glad to do so. I don't know if I can pay the 20% that dA takes away, but I will certainly try to make you happy. 

Current Contestants!
( People with by their name have their entries in!)


I will be judging, along with my good friend MacKenzie, and a a few other volunteers. ^v ^ And then, we'll see about doing a poll to where people will vote if there's a tie. 



Judging will be based on:

- Effort
- Accuracy
- Emotion
- Creativity

And last but not least...

In every one of your drawings - you all must say if you had fun or not! That's what this contest is all about, after all.

^v ^ That and joy spreading!

If you are joining this contest - PLEASE say so below. When you finish your entry either NOTE it OR COMMENT IT on this same journal, it will be submitted to a folder in my club. If you have any questions please ask!

Submit them to my profile, note them to me, or Comment on this journal with your entry to make sure I get it!!!!!

Now put "Hoot Hoot Mama Owl" in your comment so I know you read all this. LOL


If you would like to help out, donate points/cash, etc. for my contest, please note me - I would love the help, and I would absolutely adore more participants this time (hopefully more than 4 ;___; ). By the time the contest ends, I hope to have more to offer in prizes.

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Carmela-DarkQueen Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
here is my entry
ValentineHearts Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you for entering! ♥
RiddlerSphinx Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll see if I have time to draw Annie and Askook, I love their designs!
ValentineHearts Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student General Artist
^v ^ I'll add you to the list then. 
RiddlerSphinx Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, before I finish my entry and everything, I wanted to make sure it'll work, so could I ask about info on Annie and/or Askook's personalities? ^v^
ValentineHearts Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Ask away and I'll try and respond. 
RiddlerSphinx Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, well, what are their personality traits? How would they interact with eachother/whats their relationship like?
(mainly the first question would help.)
ValentineHearts Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Annie is a strong, stubborn, and kindhearted woman. But she has a rough shell and it's hard to get close to her at first. She's become stiff and reluctant to befriend anyone.
Askook is a gentle and passive man; very easily persuaded and tossed around. But he's not afraid to fight, and he would easily kill someone should they harm his friends or family. 
Their relationship is a distant one. They like one another, but Annie is too set in her ways to admit it. But Askook knows about her past and he doesn't pressure her (He looks after her like a lover would, and he maintains a close bond through actions and not words). 
RiddlerSphinx Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, ok. That definitely helps, thanks! ^^
ValentineHearts Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
(: If you have any more questions feel free to ask. 
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